Tips on Taking Exam or Test

Here are few tips to help you when preparing for exams or tests:

  • Review one week before the exam—in addition to your regular study.
  • Don’t cram.
  • Relax and try to enjoy your study.
  • Go to the exam early so you can gather your thoughts before beginning.
  • Go with what you need: pencils, paper, pens, etc.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Plan your time—don’t spend too much time on any one area or question, and go ahead and answer what you know immediately.
  • Read every word carefully: look for key words and watch for words like “always,” “never,” or “only.”
  • Use common sense—there aren’t any trick questions.
  • Answer every question—don’t leave blanks. Be careful when you think you should change your answer; usually your first thought tends to be the correct one.
  • Check your answers and be careful your answer matches the question.


Ike Ozuome
© 2013-2017 . Ike Ozuome Ministries . All Rights Reserved.


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