Purpose & Task



As messengers and mouthpiece of God, our main purpose is to propagate the Christian faith and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed through the Bible–using personal, local, national and international evangelism resources like booklets, brochures, study CDs, radio and television broadcasting, and the social media: blogging, twitter, facebook and other internet news and information sources.

We undertake such other and further purposes that may be necessary to fulfill the calling of a New Testament Christian ministry or Church called to co-labor with the Lord Jesus Christ in the earth, His harvest field:

  • To teach and encourage believers to worship and exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and King   through acts of private and corporate worship through their manner of living.
  • To provide for preaching, teaching and fostering of the growth of the Christian faith throughout the world.
  • To prepare, ordain and commission ministers to carry on the work of evangelism.
  • To promote missionary work in all places throughout the world.
  • To establish local Churches and foster their development.
  • To bring Christian believers to spiritual maturity.
  • To acquire, operate and maintain Bible colleges, Church schools, orphanages, group homes, marriage and family discipling, homes for the aged, and other such benevolent and charitable institutions as may be deemed necessary to fulfill the objectives of our ministries.



God has placed before us the tremendous task of bringing into His kingdom the nations for which Christ died and which had yet to acknowledge Him as their king.

We are so thankful for the opportunity He has given us to support the poor and the needy, the widows and the widowers, and the suffering families and individuals in our communities and around the world–providing them with food, clothing, and other essentials of the good life.

We sincerely appreciate the contributions of the many fine people who strive to improve the quality of life of all these people.



Ike Ozuome Ministries Team
© 2013-2017 . Ike Ozuome Ministries . All Rights Reserved.



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